Outreach and News

Public Engagement

The St Andrews GeoBus educational organisation recently completed a suite of Mars exploration STEM education activities and resources for schools and teachers. These can be found on their webpage: https://geobus.st-andrews.ac.uk/

GeoBus will incorporate these resources into their ongoing programme of enriching STEM education in secondary schools across Scotland. To date, GeoBus have taught over 70,000 students. Details of the Mission to Mars! educational resource can be found here: https://academic.oup.com/astrogeo/article-abstract/59/1/1.34/4804291?redirectedFrom=fulltext 

Follow @GeoBus_StA on Twitter to see what they’re up to.

This project was funded by a UK Space Agency ‘Space Education and Outreach’ grant.


Research Features

  • New Scientist feature on ExoMars PanCam testing in Iceland “ExoMars rover’s Martian-hunting camera takes test run in Iceland” April 2015 issue.