Disko Island, Science

Carbon Cycling on Disko Island – 2013

Mantle to microbes: Disko Island as a test-bed for carbon pathways This August (5 - 18th), a team of four scientists will be heading to Disko Island in Greenland to sample unusual basalts and thermal springs, in order to provide well-characterised material for deep carbon research. This fieldwork is funded by the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO)… Continue reading Carbon Cycling on Disko Island – 2013

Iceland, Science

Mars Research at Krafla – 2013

This July, we are heading to Krafla volcano in northern Iceland to conduct remote sensing Mars-analogue research. The trip is led by PhD student Jennifer Harris from Birkbeck, University of London, and myself. Joining us are Matt Gunn from Aberystwyth University, and Dr. Pete Grindrod from University College London. We will be testing a prototype of the Panoramic Camera instrument,… Continue reading Mars Research at Krafla – 2013


Burying biosignatures in the rock record

Signs of microbial life within the rock record - known as 'biosignatures' - are notoriously hard to identify. This is especially true when we're looking at ancient rocks that have experienced high temperatures and pressures as a result of being buried within the Earth's crust - a process known as metamorphism. Together with Dr. Sami… Continue reading Burying biosignatures in the rock record