Fieldwork, Iceland

The last few days

Our car is dusty, and the living room has been reduced to a clutter of equipment and samples. We have reached the end of the trip, with nearly 10 gigabytes of data, over 1200 photos, and a few kg of Iceland stowed away in our bags. The last two days have seen us getting remaining… Continue reading The last few days

Fieldwork, Iceland

Day 7 – Breakdown

After the spectrometer laptop failing, and AUPE's pan-tilt software working to it's own random tune, it was only a matter of time before something else failed. That thing was our car, fortunately first thing this morning before we'd headed off into the field. A pair of jump-leads and a lot of smoke later, a replacement… Continue reading Day 7 – Breakdown

Fieldwork, Iceland

Day 6 – Raining, breaking, fixing

The past few days have seen a mixture of successful instrument testing and frustrating hold-ups. Yesterday was a good day, with 3 rock outcrops imaged with the full suite of AUPE's multispectral filters. This pretty much wrapped up AUPE's work down on the hydrothermally-altered lava flows, capturing a wide variety of mineralogical terrains. We also… Continue reading Day 6 – Raining, breaking, fixing

Fieldwork, Iceland

Day 2 – Going for an explore

Our first trip into the field sees us exploring potential sites at two main localities: Namafjall and Krafla. Both are characterised by beautifully coloured hydrothermally-altered basaltic terrain, and we spend the day balancing scientific value versus practicality as the afternoon gradually becomes colder, windier, and wetter. In the end, despite the impressiveness of the expansive… Continue reading Day 2 – Going for an explore

Iceland, Science

Mars Research at Krafla – 2013

This July, we are heading to Krafla volcano in northern Iceland to conduct remote sensing Mars-analogue research. The trip is led by PhD student Jennifer Harris from Birkbeck, University of London, and myself. Joining us are Matt Gunn from Aberystwyth University, and Dr. Pete Grindrod from University College London. We will be testing a prototype of the Panoramic Camera instrument,… Continue reading Mars Research at Krafla – 2013