Disko Part 8: The box arrives, and the sunshine leaves

After nearly 2 weeks of delays, our much-awaited for box of sampling gear FINALLY arrives into Qeqertarsuaq harbour this morning. It makes its way to Arctic Station just after lunch, and we at last have our full suite of sample tubes, environmental meters, and sterile sampling equipment that will allow us to collect more, and better, samples for microbiological analysis. It also contains glass vials and foil that has been heated to 500 °C to remove any trace of organic carbon – this allows us to collect samples for analysis of organic compounds indigenous to the environment.

However, as the shipping ferry departs from Disko Island, so does our good weather. We manage to snatch a dry afternoon down at Englishman’s springs, sampling an anaerobic, radioactive spring that bubbles up to the surface from deep down in the rocks below.

Short-cut to Englishman's Springs

Short-cut to Englishman’s Springs

Sampling an anerobic spring

Sampling an anerobic spring

The weather forecast ahead looks decidedly bad:  snow, sleet, and wind. We make a plan to re-visit Lyngmark glacier to add to our sample haul, and hope that the dry weather holds out for us just one more day.