Disko Island, Fieldwork

Disko Part 5: Arctic Party

As it happens, we timed our trip with the farewell dinner for the current director of Arctic Station. Everyone staying at the station is invited, and all we know is that a lavish meal will be put on later this evening, and that a recently-shot musk ox is making its way over from the mainland across Disko Bay. We sneak a peak into the mess hall, and it’s all looking pretty good.


After an afternoon in the field, a big home-cooked meal is exactly what we need. For starters we have an amazing fish soup, with scallops, salmon, mussels, prawns, and halibut. This is followed by slow-roasted musk-ox with veggies wrapped in bacon. Mmmmmm…


We wrap the evening incredibly satisfied with an evening out around Qeqertarsuaq. The sun sets here now, but only just, leaving a lovely bluey glow  over the town.